Cynthia's Story


After smoking for close to fifty years, my initial reasoning for stopping was at best a little off to the left, I stopped smoking because I wanted to gain weight....The delusion that since I had been in a 12step recovery program for over 26 years, would make this a piece of cake ,was quickly shattered. I joined QuitNet and basically was holding on, some 26 years of recovery was not helping me at all.

It is important to mention that at this point my job began to become a daily mine field that I kept trying to navigate. I began talking with Steve and he suggested some breathing techniques and I started trying to work those into my daily routine. I think one day out of sheer desperation, I contacted Steve because I realized I needed more help and direction if I was going to do this. This for me is when my quit actual began in earnest.

He immediately got me to become pro-active in my quit, no hanging on allowed here. When I initially began the timer work it seemed awkward and silly but changes started to happen almost immediately... The timer would go off, and I would check how my body was feeling, where was the tension, how was my breathing, and I would write down what I was aware of, take some deep breathes, stretch and re-set the timer. After really only a day I began to realize that I was not having the horrible cravings. Actually I was paying attention to what my body really needed, food, drink, a walk, stretching, rest. I was learning how to step back and refocus.

Day after day he coached me and explained how I could do this and what he said made sense. The craving for a cigarette changed to a craving for a deep breath or a stretch. It also became apparent that this had far more value than just stopping smoking. I began to use it to control and focus myself at work and in other stressful situations. The mine field at work, though still there, became something that I learned how to deal with. The better I became at focusing and acting, not reacting, the more centered my whole life became.

The old adage of "When the student is ready the teacher will appear" definitely applies here. Cognitivequitting has changed my life. I not only stopped smoking, but got this bonus of a new and exciting way of looking and reacting to this journey called life



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