Pat's Story


Recently I had a conversation with someone I really love and appreciate about what makes me so sure I am quit for all time. What makes me so sure the information that my quit is based on should give me the assurance that I won't find myself somewhere down the line second guessing the value of Cog Quitting?

I had to smile. All I can say about cognitivequitting is that it makes total sense to me, and it gave me the tools to, once and for all, sever my ties to an addiction that was literally stealing my breath away. Not only did this method help me to understand the connections between smoking and life but it has handed me my life back. I am sure of it.

And then this comment about this method of quitting from my daughter... Suz. She has watched me in my quit process and watched her step dad in his. She saw me use this method to walk away. She has seen her step dad continue to hang on to his quit for all he is worth and she has realized there is little chance of him ever walking away. She told me she has been amazed at how different this quit is for me. At the same time, she has seen her step dad with his continued immense struggle to remain smoke free. (I remember so well how exhausting it was to hang on for all I was worth to just not smoke... HOPING LIKE HELL it was going to get better some day. Whew!!!) With this dual picture in front of her, she has said that when she gets ready to quit, she wants to know more about this method of quitting. This is the first time that I am aware of that she has even considered quitting and she is only considering it because of what she has seen in me. (To this mother who wishes only sweet health for her first born, just this conversation with her touched me deeply. No surprise, I suppose. But still... wow.) She has seen it work. And work it does... indeed.

In short, the Cog Quitting method is not just a bunch of smoke and mirrors but a valuable truth. And you folks here in this group are certainly not just sheep going wherever the person ahead of you has gone... just because. You are realizing your own truth where this method is concerned. And I think it is a method whose value is realized time and time again for the rest of our lives.

When I read a newbie's post where they go, "Aha", I see another who has begun to gain their true freedom. Each one of us who has put in the work to gain the understanding has been given the ability to walk away from this insidious addiction for all time. How truly fortunate we are. I can only encourage all of you to take the time to understand the Cog Quit learnings. It is the best chance that I know of for a true permanent quit.
Thank you, Steve


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