The CQ program is presented in an order that builds understanding. If this is your first time here, look over the The Vocabulary List first so that the next article, the Smoking Basics will make more sense. If you've already read the Smoking Basics, look over the Vocabulary List and then go to Step One.


The Program

      A Smoking Cessation Vocabulary - speaking the same language.
          •  The Vocabulary List - 7 important words.

      A Different Way to Think - a new way to view smoking.
          •   Smoking Basics - How smoking became automatic.

      A Different Way to Quit - based on a different view of smoking.
          •   Step One - The Timer Exercise - identifying your body cues.
          •   Step Two - What If..? - retraining your auto pilot and preventing relapse.
          •   Step Three - Foundation Statements - defining objective and               commitment.