Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

Usually appear within 20 - 30 minutes after last cigarette

- muscle tension
- changes in breathing, usually shallow
- lack of concentration / difficulty thinking
- anxiety
- irritability (shifts in emotion or mood)


Some of the following may appear within 4 - 6 hours of the last cigarette and continue past the 3 day detox on into recovery. Others may take days or weeks to appear or may never be experienced at all.

- head ache
- sweating
- sore or bleeding gums
- coughing
- runny nose
- sinus and/or respiratory flu or cold like symptoms
- decreased ability to tolerate stress
- increased appetite
- constipation or diarrhea
- nausea
- hypersensitivity to physical stimuli
- sleep disturbances
- weight gain
- acne
- aggressive thoughts and behavior
- depression
- decreased sexual drive
- impaired work performance


Recovery is a period of time, usually several months, during which a smoker's body recovers from many of the effects of nicotine use. Both withdrawal and recovery are most uncomfortable in the early days/weeks and rapidly ease in intensity.